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Greek Voice over wanted?

Professional Greek Voices at Low Prices



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Artist No1
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Artist No4
Artist No5
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Services & Extras

Editing & Mastering

With this option, you will receive your voice over edited to seperate files (up to 10 files) clear from any unwanted sounds such as breaths or pops and mastered to an industry standard level.

Up to 3x revisions

Ask from the voice actor to revise to the smallest detail up to 3 times in order to achieve exactly your desired outcome


Do you want to be virtually present at the recording and monitor the outcome? With this option you can dial in for supervision and direction.

Foreign Words

If your text includes foreign words then that’s your option. You will be able to guide the voice actor on how to pronounce cerctain words by sending audio samples or some other guidelines for reference.

Audio Production

If you would like music and sound FX professionally balanced with your voice over then this is the perfect choice.

Batch editing & Mastering

Editing and mastering for multiple files – over 10 up to 1000

Character impersonation

The voice over artist is required to alter the natural speaking voice in order to mimic a specific character

Syncing to video

 The artist matches the voice to pre-timed video


All rates are per word. The only thing you have to do is input your recording characters.

Voiceovers For Video / Overdubbing

We are the first voice agency that works as a webshop. We work with fixed rates. In addition, the voice over records from their own studio. This was you can easily arrange a recording with a voice over or voice actor. It´s fast, easy and affordable. We offer almost any service available for sound and overdubbing for films or documentaries.


Cast your voice over quickly

A comprehensive database limited to 25 voice overs per category. Quick to search but broad enough to find exactly the right voice. So you can still see the wood for the trees.


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